MARK-368 Solder Paste Mixer

MARK-368 Solder Paste Mixer

● Model:  MARK-368
● MOQ:  1 Set

Soldering is a critical process in electronics manufacturing, and the quality of solder joints directly impacts the reliability of electronic devices. Achieving consistent and reliable soldering results requires careful attention to the solder paste mixture, a crucial component in the soldering process.

The Importance of Solder Plate Mixture:

Solder plate mixture refers to the careful blending of solder alloy and flux to create a homogeneous and consistent paste. This mixture plays a pivotal role in ensuring uniform solder deposition, reliable bonding, and optimal conductivity on printed circuit boards (PCBs).


1. Triple safety design ensures personal safety: door lock ,proximity switch ,and electromagnet.

2. Only need to keep clean, no need for other maintenance; stable running with low noise.

3. LED digital display, light and buzzer warning,simple and clear.

Dimensions   420W x 420D x 427Hmm
  Motor Power   60W
  Revolution Speed   600~1350RPM / Min
  Rotation Speed   105RPM / Min
  Mixing Method   forced mixingl
  Time Setting   0.1-9.9 Mins
  Mixing Capacity   2pcs solder paste tank (500g)
  Weight   32Kg



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