MARK-901S SMD Counter

MARK-901S SMD Counter

● Model: MARK-901S
● MOQ:  1 Set

An SMD (Surface Mount Device) counter is a device used to accurately count and manage surface mount components. It facilitates efficient inventory control and electronics assembly processes.


1. Fully automatic way to count SMD components, high precision without error counting.

2. Countable in both forward and reverse directions, with double check function.

3. Easy to operate, unique pocket falling- proof design minimizes the damage to the SMD carrier.

4. Suitable for all kinds of SMD reels.

Power Source   Universal voltage AC110-220V, 50Hz, 400W
  Counting Scope   -99999-99999PCS
  Dimensions   350L x 774W x 184Hmm
  Weight   10Kg





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