About Us

We are in ISO CertifiedĀ  9001:2015 company which is a one stop all source for all your microscope needs. Our selection of laboratory equipment consists of latest models with economical as well as technologically advanced products.

Metal Industry

Metal Industry

Get all your metal industry microscopes demands met with our lab certified high quality microscope with wide variety of microscope.

Electronic Industry

Electronic Industry

JB Instruments can provide you with printed circuit board (PCB) inspection microscopes that help you achieve efficient and precise PCB inspection .

Medical Industry

Medical Industry

JB Instruments Binocular Microscope help to Pathologists for maintain a comfortable position having reduced strain while working with a microscope.

Educational Industry

Educational Institution

JB Instruments Student microscopes offer versatile solutions for every microscope classroom. Designed to exceed teaching and training requirements.


Our product specialists are always happy to review your requirement and come up with best solution for your application. We are constantly expending our after sales activities and offer a calibration and repair service. For both our repair and calibration services we aim for the shortest possible turnaround times.

High Quality Microscope

We have branded lab certified high quality microscopes with high durability.

Unmatched Services

We provide full assistance and services even after you purchase our product.

Precise Information

It's important to know what you are buying, so we provide full product details.

Qualitied Staff

Our Staff are qualified in their respective fields to provide you the best services.

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