MARK-601BB PCB Separator

MARK-601BB PCB Separator

● Model:  MARK-601BB
● MOQ:  1 Set


1. With triple protection devices, safe and reliable.

2. The adoption of 48V DC motor makes the cutting process more quiet and energy saving.

3.The patented device of lower blade adjustment ensures more convenient blade replacement and higher precision.

4. Imported trail ensures the cutting precision to be within 0.04 mm.

5. 4 different cutting speeds can meet the proessing requirements of different products.

6. The function of cutting back and forth can meet the cutting requrement of those low strees products.

7. With statistical function of the cutting blade lifetime.

8. With the special upper circular blade, it can cut the aluminum substrates.

Power Supply   110V / 220V AC 60Hz / 50Hz
  Maximum Cutting Length   460mm
  Cutting Speed Setting   300mm/s、400mm/s、500mm/s、600mm/s
  PCB Thickness   0.6mm-2.5mm
  Dimensions   L755 x W520 x H455(mm)
   Weight   56kg



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