B-800 Dispensing Controller


B-800 Dispensing Controller

● Model: MARK B-800
● MOQ:  10 pcs
● Packing details:  8pcs/ctn

A dispensing controller is a device used to control and automate the dispensing process in various industries. It is commonly used in applications such as liquid dispensing, adhesive dispensing, and material deposition. The dispensing controller is typically connected to a dispensing system, which can include pumps, valves, nozzles, and other dispensing equipment. The controller allows for precise control of the dispensing parameters, such as flow rate, volume, pressure, and dispensing time.

Some key features of a dispensing controller may include:

  1. Programmable settings: The controller allows users to set and adjust dispensing parameters according to specific requirements. This includes setting the desired volume or weight of the dispensed material, controlling the dispensing speed, and configuring dispensing patterns.
  2. Dispensing modes: The controller may offer different dispensing modes, such as manual mode for operator-controlled dispensing and automatic mode for pre-programmed dispensing sequences.
  3. Dispensing accuracy: The controller ensures precise and consistent dispensing by controlling factors such as flow rate, pressure, and timing. This is important for applications that require accurate and repeatable dispensing, such as in electronics manufacturing or medical device assembly.
  4. Integration capabilities: Some dispensing controllers can be integrated with other equipment or systems, such as robotic arms or production lines, to enable automated dispensing processes.
  5. Monitoring and feedback: The controller may provide real-time monitoring and feedback on dispensing parameters, allowing operators to track and adjust the dispensing process as needed.

Dispensing controllers are widely used in industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical devices, where precise and controlled dispensing is critical for product quality and efficiency.

Technical Data:

→ Power consumption: 8W

→ Air source: max 0.99 Mpa   Pressure setting: 0.05-0.99 Mpa

→ Time setting: DIP switch 0.01-1s; 0.1-10s; 0.2-20s; 0.3-30s

→ Control mode: Manual / Quantitative (fixed volume dispensing)

→ Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.05%   Dispensing frequency: 600/min

→ Min. dispensing volume: 0.01 ml

→ Dimension: 235mm x 225mm x 63mm     Weight: 2.2 Kg


→ Materials for dispensing:

solder tin, tin paste, UV adhesive, lubricant, epoxy resin,

fast cure adhesive, silicone resin, etc.

→ Usage: adhering, fixing, dot coating, line coating, etc.


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