1150D Automatic Label Dispenser


1150D Automatic Label Dispenser

Model:  MARK 1150D
● MOQ:  1 set

An automatic label dispenser is a device that automatically dispenses labels. It is commonly used in industries that require high-volume labeling, such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail. The dispenser is equipped with a motorized mechanism that pulls the labels from a roll, separates them, and dispenses them one by one. This eliminates the need for manual peeling and applying of labels, saving time and improving efficiency. Automatic label dispensers can handle various types and sizes of labels, and some models even have adjustable label lengths and dispensing speeds.

Model 1150D
Label Width 5 – 140 mm
Label Length 10-150 mm
Max Outer Dia. 250 mm
Inner dia. 25-75mm
Speed 1-8 m/min
Dimensions 210(W) x 220(H) x 210 (L)




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