Bottle Cap Torque Meters


Bottle Cap Torque Meters

( P/N: W00465 )

● Model:  HP-100
● MOQ:  1 set
● Packing details:  1 set/carton

1.Specially designed for measuring and calibrating the torque of bottle caps.
2.It is based on HP series digital torque meters (intelligent type), attached with a bottle cap clamp. The clamp is easy to install and adjust. It can hold caps of different shapes and different dimensions.
3.A built-in o/p terminal can be connected to the computer for recalling, editing, and calculating measured datum.

Model HP-2 HP-10 HP-20 HP-50 HP-100

Range 0.03-2.0 0.15-10.0 0.2-20.0 0.75-50.0 1.5-100.0
N.m 0.003-0.2 0.015-1.0 0.02-2.0 0.075-5.0 0.15-10.0 0.03-1.8 0.15-9.0 0.20-18.0 0.75-45.0 1.5-90.0
Accuracy within ± 0.5%
Applicable Cap Diameter 16~160mm



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