WT-882 Heating Gun


WT-882 Heating Gun

● Model:  MARK WT-882
● MOQ:  1 set


Temp range:room temp to 450℃ (LED Display)



-Beautiful shape, perfect lines

-Ergonomic handle skidproof design and special grip feeling material, comfortable hold feeling

-Eddy air outlet, soft and centralized air volume, not damage the device

-CPU PID control the temperature, LCD displays the temp, can be set randomly

-Built-in high precision sensor, accurate and stable temperature

-Adopts Japan Mabuchi Motor, high efficiency, long life

-The characteristic heater, longer life when continuous work

-SMD technology, stable and reliable performance


Model Power Temp. range LED display
WT-703 1800W 60°c ~ 600 °c yes
WT-705 2000W 60°c ~ 650 °c no
WT-706 2000W 60°c ~ 650 °c yes
WT-881 1000W room temp to 450 °c no
WT-882 1000W room temp to 450 °c no


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