373 Automatic Solder Feeder


373 Automatic Solder Feeder

● Model: MARK- 373
● MOQ:  1 set

Automatic solder feeder enables a user to complete soldering work just with one hand.

2.Solder feed time and speed can be set.

3.Connected with a soldering iron, it enables automatic solder feed.

4.It doesn’t include the soldering iron, it needs to work with another soldering station.


Solder Feed Time 0-7 sec
Solder Feed Speed 4.5-26mm / sec
Solder Feed Quantity 0-182mm
Mode Auto / Manual
Usable Solder Dia. ø0.6, ø0.65, ø0.8, ø1.0, ø1.2, ø1.6,
Dimensions 107(W) x 110(H) X 215 (D)mm


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