WT-2600ML Silicone Glue Dispensing Machine (Semi-Automatic)


WT-2600ML Silicone Glue Dispensing Machine (Semi-Automatic)

● Model: MARK-2600ML
● MOQ:  1 set


  • Stable precision control system.
  • Large capacity touch type dispensing value.
  • 2600ml large volume material barrel.
  • Convenient to move with the trolley.
  • Support customized requirements.
Model MARK -2600ML
Working Air Pressure 4-7 kgf/cm
Air Source Air compressor
Glue Valve Precision Single liquid glue valve
Feeding Material Pressure <10Kg
Min. Dispensing Volume 2-6g
Pressure Tank 2600ml  Carbon steel or Stainless steel
Standard Package Controller + Valve + Trolley + Barrel
Applicable Glues Silicone/Silicon Grease/Thermal Grease/Silicone oil 15kg
Weight 15kg


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