Wire Strippers MRK-1043


Wire Strippers MRK-1043

● Model:  MARK-1043
● MOQ:  100pcs

A wire stripper is a hand tool designed to remove the insulation or outer covering from electrical wires. It features sharp blades or jaws that cut through the insulation without damaging the underlying wire. Wire strippers come in various designs, including manual and automatic types, each catering to different wire sizes and applications. These tools are essential for electricians, technicians, and DIY enthusiasts, facilitating the process of preparing wires for electrical connections, repairs, or installations. They contribute to efficiency and accuracy in electrical work by ensuring clean and precise stripping without the risk of damaging the conductor.


  • Stripping length is adjustable.
  • The blades are precisely processed by special machines and high frequency induction heated.
  • High quality plastic grip with ergonomic design makes the tool stronger and more comfortable.
 Wire Diameter(mm)  0.25/0.32/0.40/0.6/0.65
 Range  30/28/26/24/22



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