Solder Tip Maintaining Cake


Solder Tip Maintaining Cake

● Model:  MARK -W00230x
● MOQ:  100pcs
● Packing details:  1pc/box

Decanedioic Acid: 85~90%

Sodium Borate: 1~5%

Ammonium Chloride: 3%

Cis-butenedioic Anhydride: 3%

Carborundum: 3%

Physical State: Solid

Appearance: White

Freezing /Melting Point (℃): 134~135℃

Boiling Point (℃): 294.4 C at 100 mm Hg

Density: 1.207

Solubility: Slightly soluble in water

Flash point(℃): 220

Decomposition Temperature (℃): 352℃

Caution: May cause eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation


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