SL-103 Intelligent Ionizers


SL-103 Intelligent Ionizers

● Model:  MARK SL-103
● MOQ:  1 set

SL-103 Intelligent Ionizers   


  1. New design, great appearance and workmanship.
  2. Emitter brush auto-cleaning function
  3. Double control available: remote control & touch screen control.
  4. Sound and light alarm function for high voltage fault.
  5. During working, in case the fan meets any obstacles, the ionizer will stop working automatically.
  6. Fast ionizing speed, low ion balance, energy saving.


Model SL-103
Power 50W
Wind Rate ≤5.1m3/min (with 300mm distance)
Ionizing Speed ≤2s (with 300mm distance)
Working Distance 100-600mm
Ion Balance ≤|±10V|(with 300mm distance)
Air Velocity 120-330CFM
Work Environment Temperature: 0-50℃    Humidity:56%-10%
Noise Level 45-60dB
Net Weight ≈7.0kg
Dimensions L1000 X W150 X H80mm





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