HDP Series Screw Torque Meters


HDP Series Screw Torque Meters

( P/N: W00464 )

● Model:  HDP-5 / HDP-50 / HDP-100
● MOQ:  1 set
● Packing details:  1 set/carton

1.Specially designed for management of torque for tightening screws.
2.Memory function makes saving and  managing of torque data possible.
3.The maximum torque, the minimum torque, and the average torque can be confired by Ave measurement function.
4.First peak measuring mode(F.PEAK) gives precision measurements of torque wrenches or other tools.
5.Automatically recalibrated to zero value.

Model HDP-5 HDP-50 HDP-100


Kgf.cm 0.03-5.0 0.15-50.0 0.2-100.0
N.m 0.015-0.5 0.015-5.0 0.02-10.0
Lbt.in 0.03-4.8 0.15-50.0 0.2-100.0
Accuracy within±0.5%
Detector Bit Socket H4 or 1/4 HEX,     H5 or 1/4 HEX
Dimensions (mm) Display 165 (W) x 95 (D) x 55 (H)
Deterctor 104 (L) x ø21 160 (L) x ø34


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