Fluorescent Ring Light (8W) MARK RFL8-2


Fluorescent Ring Light (8W) MARK RFL8-2

● Model: MARK – RFL8-2
● MOQ:  10pcs

fluorescent ring light’s unique circular design and features make it a valuable tool in various industries where consistent and shadow-free lighting is paramount. Its versatility and ease of use contribute to its popularity among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

  1. Circular Design: The ring light is characterized by its circular shape, allowing it to produce an even and direct illumination that surrounds the camera lens or the subject being photographed.
  2. Fluorescent Bulbs: Fluorescent ring lights typically use energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs emit a soft, diffused light that helps minimize harsh shadows and reduces eye strain.
  3. Color Temperature Control: Many modern fluorescent ring lights come with adjustable color temperature settings, allowing users to customize the lighting to match ambient conditions or achieve specific creative effects.
  4. Dimmable Intensity: Adjustable brightness levels are a common feature, enabling users to control the intensity of the light. This is beneficial for achieving the desired lighting effect and accommodating different shooting conditions.
  5. Versatility: Fluorescent ring lights find applications in various fields, including portrait photography, macro photography, makeup application, medical and dental procedures, and YouTube video creation. Their versatility makes them a popular choice among content creators and professionals.
  6. Reduced Heat Emission: Compared to traditional incandescent lights, fluorescent ring lights emit less heat, preventing discomfort for subjects during extended photo or video sessions.
  7. Ease of Use: Many fluorescent ring lights are designed to be user-friendly, with simple controls and mounting options for easy setup on cameras, smartphones, or tripods.


  1. Portrait Photography: Fluorescent ring lights are widely used in portrait photography to achieve flattering, even lighting with circular catchlights in the subject’s eyes.
  2. Makeup and Beauty Industry: Makeup artists use ring lights to ensure consistent and uniform lighting, allowing for accurate color representation and highlighting intricate details.
  3. Medical and Dental Photography: In medical and dental fields, fluorescent ring lights are employed to capture clear and detailed images during procedures and examinations.
  4. Video Content Creation: Content creators, vloggers, and YouTubers often use fluorescent ring lights to enhance the quality of their videos, especially in scenarios where natural lighting is insufficient.
  5. Scientific and Inspection Applications: Fluorescent ring lights are utilized in microscopy, inspection, and other scientific applications where precise and controlled illumination is crucial.



Color Temperature:2700/6000K

No light adjustment


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