DC-001C Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower


DC-001C Bench Top Ionizing Air Blower

● Model:  MARK DC-001C
● MOQ:  one unit
● Packing details:  4 units/ctn

→ Ion balance display
→ Automatic cleaning function for ion pins, cleaning time (0-99 hours) and frequency setting (0-5) /time.
→ Unique power on/off function, energy saver, when power off, CPU not working, it is not the normal shutdown which CPU still working.
→ Warning function setting (0-±199V), once it is out of the standard ion balance, a warning will be given by a beep and display flashes.
→ Fan Abnormal Warning function
→ Balanced voltages warning function


Model DC-001C
Power Consumption DC24V
Current Consumption 0.2 ~ 0.4A
Air Volume 48 CFM
Operation Temperature 0 ~ ± 50℃
Power ≤10W
Air Coverage 30 x 30 x 60 mm
Dimensions 128 x 56 x 150 mm
Ozone Volume 0.03 PPM
Ion Balance self-balance



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