Active Carbon Mask


Active Carbon Mask

( P/N: W00109 )

● Model:  
● MOQ:  1 carton
● Packing details:  1 carton = 2000 pcs

1, the use of the current new high-performance adsorption, filter material – activated carbon fiber, with anti-virus, deodorant, filter bacteria, dust and other effects;
2, especially for organic gases, acid volatile, pesticides, SO2, CL2 and other irritating gases occasions, anti-virus, deodorant effect is significant;
3, can effectively prevent the common masks can not work but the most harmful dust and the spread of bacteria from the respiratory tract, is an ideal personal protective equipment.

Activated Carbon Mask Four-Layer Construction:

Moisture layer: (outer layer) to prevent fog, water vapor infiltration.
Activated carbon layer: (one layer) adsorption harmful to the human body of organic gases, in addition to smell.
Filter layer: (in the second floor) block the fine dust, bacteria invade the human body.
Super soft fiber layer: (inner layer) skin-friendly special, can absorb sweat, grease, increase comfort when wearing


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