850 Rework Station


850 Rework Station

● Model:  MARK 850
● MOQ:  1 set

850 Rework Stations:

Power Consumption :550W

1. Wide range of temperature and airflow adjustment.

2. Cool air will start to blow continuously after using, to avoid the heater damage.

3. Especially suitable for repairing QFP, SOP, PLCC and SOJ components.

Power Consumption 550W
Temperature Range 100˚C ~ 480˚C
Hot Air Heating Element Metal Heating Core
Pump/Motor Type Diaphragm Pump
Air Capacity 24L/min (max)
Air Volume 120L
Power Input AC220V~240V   50Hz
Dimensions 245(L)x150(W)x125(H)mm
Weight 2945 g (w/ hot air gun)
Accessories Hot Air Gun  AC 220~240Vx1pc,Nozzle (Ø2.2mm) x

1pc, Nozzle (Ø6.3mm) x 1pc, Nozzle (Ø9.4mm) x 1pc


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