205 Desoldering Pumps


205 Desoldering Pumps

● Model: MARK 205
● MOQ:  10pcs


– Nylon+EVA Foam body
– High suction power
– Ideal for all types of PC board repair work (Recommended For Mini Switches)
– Light weight
– Easy to operate with only one hand
– Simple to clean the cylinde
– Soldering pump, soldering sucker, desoldering guns

How to desolder  
The spring loaded plunger is depressed into the desoldering tool cylinder and locked down. The tip of the desoldering tool is placed over molten solder connections while the button is pressed to release the spring loaded plunger. Vacuum d at the tip of the desoldering tool removes the molten solder from the board. The molten solder is captured and cools instantly inside the cylinder of the tool.


Model Case Material Suction Power
201 Plastic 40hg /cm
202 Plastic 40hg /cm
203 Aluminium 28hg /cm
204 Aluminium 30hg /cm
205 Nylon + EVA Foam 32hg /cm



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