1000 Automatic Tape Dispenser


1000 Automatic Tape Dispenser

● Model:  -1000
● MOQ:  1pc
● Packing details:  4pcs/carton


Cutting length: 20-999mm

Cutting width: 7-50mm

Display: 3-digit LED for tape length

Power consumption: 18W

Dimensions: 137 x 218 x 150mm

Weight: 3.0 Kg

An automatic tape dispenser is a device that automatically cuts and dispenses tape. It is commonly used in packaging and shipping industries to increase efficiency and productivity. The dispenser is equipped with a motorized mechanism that pulls the tape, cuts it to the desired length, and dispenses it. Some automatic tape dispensers also have adjustable tape lengths and can dispense different types of tape, such as packing tape or masking tape.


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