Z-CUT10 Automatic Tape Dispense


Z-CUT10 Automatic Tape Dispense

● MOQ:  1pc
● Packing details:  4pcs/ctn


Power consumption: 126W

Cutting width: 3-25mm

Cutting length: 15-70mm

Max outer dia. of the tape roll: 150mm

Dimension: 126(L) x 258(D) x 150(H) mm

Features :
Suitable for cutting narrow tapes (Min 3mm).
With the infra-red reaction function, the infra-red sensor can move freely.
With the adjusting knob, you can adjust the length and interval easily.
Applicable tapes: kapton tape, fiber tape, acelate fiber tape, glass fiber tape, double-sided tape, lead foil, copper tape, plastic, teflon, etc.


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