XS 2000-12 SMT Fume Extractor


XS 2000-12 SMT Fume Extractor

● Model: MARK XS 2000-12
● MOQ:  1set


SMT Wave soldiering oven, Reflow Soldering Oven, Soldering Pot, Multi-operators Soldering, Coating Machine, Argo Arc Welding Machine. Etc.


  1. Filtering System : Design with fire prevention filtering system.
  2. Construction feature: Adopt upward air inlet, and upward air outlet. In order to facilitate the heat dissipation function, u-shaped air duct is adopted or heat dissipation design. The internal velocity of the air duct is conducive to the settlement of large particles. The fire mouth dealing plate can be removed to clean the settling particles.
  3. Motor choose the first-line brand vertical motor, the motor and aluminum shaft connected; low noise and vibration rate, using volute design to increase flow and negative pressure effect.
  4. Air inlet feature: Double air intakes can be selected according to the working condition: one spare, one connection pipe and the installation size of fire outlet sealing plate on the lower right side in the same as the installation size of air inlet.
  5. Lower right side fire extinguisher mouth: in case of fire inside the equipment. Do not open the front door plate. Open the fire source, so as to avoid more serious safety accidents caused by pressure shock wave generated by opening the front panel.
  6. Main power supply line: The control board is equipped with an emergency stop master switch. In case of equipment danger, disconnect the main power supply and stop the operation of the equipment.
  7. Printing control panel more beautiful, printing color corrosion resistance, not easy to peel off the paint surface.

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