MARK Soldering Robot Tips


MARK Soldering Robot Tips

● Model:  MARK 593S
● MOQ:  10 pcs
● Packing details:  one piece / ten pieces


● By adopting the specially designed soldering tip, Tsutsumi Robot realizes linear soldering for four lines at the same time and achieves soldering 200pcs of plug-in components within 80 seconds. It greatly increases the operation efficiency.

● With the specially designed short and thick tip body, Tsutsumi tips have the extremely high heat storage capacity.

● Tsutsumi heater s its sensor deep into the tip end, so as to improve the feedback of the tip temperature. Thus, the heat recovery is quick and the soldering temperature fluctuation is small. As a result, the tip’s service life is lengthened and the tip cost is reduced effectively.

● Tsutsumi tip adopts special slot design and position correction device, which prevents the position deviation possibly caused during the tip replacement. It realizes repeatable tip replacement in a simple and fast way.


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