Sticky Roller Handle


Sticky Roller Handle

● Model:  MARK 52i
● MOQ:  100 pcs

Name: Roller handle

Specifications: 4 inch (about 10cm)
6 inch (about 15 cm)

8 inch (about 20 cm)

10 inch (about 25 cm)

12 inch (about 30 cm)

color: blue

Note: This product should be used with the roller!

Sticky handle and sticky dust roller used in conjunction with the semiconductor factory for dust removal, dust removal effect is remarkable,

in addition to its design for easy cutting strip, easy to apply.

Features and Applications:
Product size for different places;
Suitable for semiconductor electronics production industry and other purification plants;
Clear cloth and blankets, flooring, workbench, product surface dust.

Product structure:
Polyacrylate Adhesive

Polyethylene back


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