SMTC Rework Cartridges


SMTC Rework Cartridges

● Model: MARK- SMTC600
● MOQ:  100 pcs / model
● Packing details:  10 pcs/box


● Metcal has four series of Soldering Cartridges with different temperatures as below:
a) 500 series = maximum tip temperature: 260℃
b) 600 series = maximum tip temperature: 315℃
c) 700 series = maximum tip temperature: 370℃
d) 800 series = maximum tip temperature: 425℃

● Metcal Cartridges sense the load and instantly deliver the right amount of heat directly to the solder joint.
● Operates at lower and safer temperatures. Power is delivered in proportion to the load, which eliminates overshoot.
● No calibration required – saves money and eliminates system down-time.


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