SL-506 Ionizing Air Bar


SL-506 Ionizing Air Bar

( P/N: W00672 )

● Model:  SL-506
● MOQ:  1set

SL-506 Ionizing Air Bar

1. Beautiful appearance and fine craftsmanship.
2. The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy, and the interior is made of high-insulation synthetic plastic with high safety performance.
3, free to choose to connect compressed air, neutralize static electricity quickly.
4. The rod has a special strip slot, and the mounting bolt can be moved and convenient.
5, anti-shock special design, the emitter electrode is not afraid of short circuit, long service life.
6, fully sealed structure, not easy to pollute, suitable for high humidity working environment.

Model SL-506
Use voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Output voltage  AC 7.0KV
Working distance 10-300mm
Working temperature  0-50 °C
Working humidity <70%
Net weight ≈0.6kg/600mm (including 3m high voltage wire)
Rod length 100-3000 mm (customized according to customer requirements)



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