SL-504 Intelligent Ion Air Bar


SL-504 Intelligent Ion Air Bar

● Model:  MARK SL-504
● MOQ:  1set

SL-504 Intelligent Ion Wind Rod

1. It is a rod type, horizontal type static eliminator.
2. Fast power removal, low balance voltage and high safety performance.
3. With high voltage fault alarm prompt function.
4. It has anti-shock function to prevent electric shock damage to the human body.
5. With electromagnetic protection function, it will not cause electromagnetic interference to other equipment, making it unable to work normally.

Model  SL-504
Use voltage DC24V
Output voltage DC5KV
Working distance 100-300mm
Working temperature  0-50 °C
Working humidity <70%
Rod length 385-410 (pitch 25mm); 460-2960 (pitch 50mm)



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