SL-304 Ionizing Air Gun


SL-304 Ionizing Air Gun

● Model:  MARK SL-304
● MOQ:  1set

SL-304 ionizing air gun

1. The air volume is concentrated, and the static electricity is neutralized quickly.
2. Small size and portable operation.
3. The dust removal effect is good.
4. The air gun comes with a regulator to adjust the air pressure.
5. The air gun has good grounding protection.

Model SL-304
Working voltage  AC 4.6KV
Ion balance  ≤|±35V | (distance is 300mm)
Ionization speed ≤1s (distance 300mm)
Noise level  ≤ 65dB
Working environment Temperature: 0-50 °C       Humidity: <75%
Net weight ≈0.6kg



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