SL-301C Ionizing Air Snake


SL-301C Ionizing Air Snake

● Model: MARK SL-301C
● MOQ:  1set

SL-301C ion wind snake

1. Intelligent and modern, beautiful appearance, simple and novel structure, convenient for mobile installation.
2. Install the flash metal ring switch to see if the product is working properly.
3. With high-voltage fault wind alarm alarm function.
4. Inductive current is used to neutralize static electricity quickly, low balance voltage and high safety performance.
5. Select safe photovoltaics to control airflow to avoid manual operation.
6. The power supply and the snake body are integrated to save space.
7. Freely change the air outlet according to the size of the product.

Model SL-301C
Power 30W
Ionizing Speed ≤ 2s
Working Distance 100-400mm
Ion Balance ≤|±35V |
Working Temperature 0-50 °C
Working Humidity <70%
Noise Level <70dB
Net Weight ≈ 3kg
Dimensions L163 x W126 x H700 mm
Length of Hose 525 m



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