SL-004G Ionizing Air Gun


SL-004G Ionizing Air Gun

 (P/N: W00443 )

● Model:  SL-004G
● MOQ:  1 pc
● Packing details:  1 pc / small box

High frequency ionizing air gun is a hand-held electrostatic precipitator. The advantages are simple operation, stable and good electrostatic and dust removal effect. This product is light in weight, easy to hold in hand, flexible and convenient to operate.

High voltage generator inside the gun body, no external high voltage wiring, with DC24 volt power supply. High frequency corona discharge mode caused by 24 volt low voltage, which has high static electricity removal efficiency, no electromagnetic interference and safe operation. With ion balance automatic adjustment function, the ion balance can reach ±15V. It is equipped with normal operation indicator and abnormal operation indicator for eliminating static electricity, the users can be understand the use situation.


Input voltage DC24V
Output Voltage Approx 2KV
Safety Circuit for H.V. abnormal with alarm signal output
Air Pressure Range 0.05-0.6MPa
Weight 280g (main boday )
Ion-Balance Within ±15V



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