Pneumatic Screwdriver


Pneumatic Screwdriver

● Model: MARK T-PB
● MOQ:  10pcs
● Packing details:  10pcs/box


1. Easy to switch the direction by single hand.

2. Air motor will automatically stop when the load reaches at the pre-set torque

3. Patent MSC clutch system- The one pulses has the merits of low vibration (less than 2.5ms) and low torque deviation(+3%)

4. Low Weight: All new patent mechanical design and grip material-25%-44% lighter than other brand.

5. Outside-Adjust the torque rapidly: Tum right to increase and left to decrease.

6. Comfort: Soft resin ergonomic grip design best balance and easy to trip.




1. Easy to switch the direction by single hand.

2. Excellent Accuracy for various applications and easy torque adjustment.

3. Oil tree for better performance & durability.

4. Stable, smooth, durable and environmental;

5. OEM or ODM is available in our factory;

Warm tips:

1. Check before using.

2. Add 2-3 drops of air lube oil into the air tools before & after

3. If find any part borken or missing, do not use it until it is fix

4. Do not overload the air tools


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