Plastic Supporter Accurate Dispensing Needles


Plastic Supporter Accurate Dispensing Needles

 (P/N: W00261 )

● Model:  14 – 27G
● MOQ:  500pcs
● Packing details:  500pcs/bag

Specification  Inner diameter Diameter Color
14G 1.55mm 2.10mm Olive
15G 1.36mm 1.80mm Amber
18G 0.84mm 1.27mm Green
20G 0.60mm 0.91mm Pink
21G 0.51mm 0.82mm Purple
22G 0.41mm 0.72mm Blue
23G 0.34mm 0.64mm Orange
25G 0.26mm 0.51mm Red
27G 0.21mm 0.41mm Original
30G 0.16mm 0.31mm Light purple
32G 0.11mm 0.23mm Yellow
34G 0.06mm 0.19mm Snow cyan



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