LS-609N Hand-held Auto-feeding Screwing Device


LS-609N Hand-held Auto-feeding Screwing Device

● Model:  MARK LS-609N
● MOQ:  1 set

Hand-held Auto-feeding Screwing Device

It is a new patented product. There is no need for the operator to pick up the screw one by one from the

screw feeder. The screws will feed to the screwdricer bit direclty through a tube.

Hence, the operator’s work efficiency has been greatly increase by 2-4 times. It helps to reduce cost and

enhance the company’s competiticeness. The estimated time to revover the investment of this device is

only one month. It has stable performance and low failure rate.

Screwing Speed 0.5-1.0 second/ 1 pcs
Screw Feeding Speed 80-120 pcs/ sec
Suitable Screws M1.4-M4.0
Weight of Screw Feeding Device 150g



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