B-A6 High-Precision Multi-functional Dispensing Controller


B-A6 High-Precision Multi-functional Dispensing Controller

● Model: MARK  B-A6
● MOQ:  10 pcs
● Packing details:  8pcs/ctn

A high precision multi-functional dispensing controller is an advanced device used for precise and versatile dispensing applications in various industries. It combines multiple functions and features to provide accurate and controlled dispensing of fluids, adhesives, or other materials.

Some key features of a high precision multi-functional dispensing controller may include:

  1. Precision control: The controller offers high accuracy and repeatability in dispensing parameters such as flow rate, volume, pressure, and dispensing time. This ensures consistent and precise dispensing results.
  2. Multiple dispensing modes: The controller may provide various dispensing modes, such as time-based dispensing, volume-based dispensing, or weight-based dispensing. This allows for flexibility in meeting different application requirements.
  3. Programmable settings: The controller allows users to program and store multiple dispensing recipes or profiles. This enables easy switching between different dispensing parameters for different materials or applications.
  4. Dispensing patterns and paths: The controller may support the creation and execution of complex dispensing patterns or paths. This is useful for applications that require precise and intricate dispensing, such as conformal coating or 3D printing.
  5. Integration capabilities: The controller can be integrated with other equipment or systems, such as robotic arms, conveyor belts, or production lines. This enables automated and synchronized dispensing processes.
  6. Monitoring and feedback: The controller provides real-time monitoring and feedback on dispensing parameters, allowing operators to monitor the dispensing process and make adjustments if needed.
  7. User-friendly interface: The controller typically features a user-friendly interface, such as a touchscreen or a graphical user interface (GUI), for easy operation and programming.

A high precision multi-functional dispensing controller is commonly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and precision engineering. It offers advanced capabilities for precise and efficient dispensing, contributing to improved product quality and production efficiency.

Technical Data:

→ Power consumption: 12W

→ Air source: Max 0.99 Mpa    Pressure setting: 0.05-0.99 Mpa

→ Control mode: Manual / 16 freely set modes

→ Time setting: 0.01-99.99s、0.001-9.999s

→ Dispensing time display: 4-digit LED display

→ Dispensing interval adjustment: 0.1-9.9s

→ Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.01%    Dispensing frequency: > 1000/min

→ Min. dispensing volume: 0.0001 ml

→ Dimension: 235mm x 225mm x 63mm      Weight: 3 Kg


→ Materials for dispensing:

solder tin, tin paste, UV adhesive, lubricant, epoxy resin,

fast cure adhesive, silicone resin, etc.

→ Usage: adhering, fixing, dot coating, line coating, etc.

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