FMX-003/FMX-004 Electrostatic Field meter


FMX-003/FMX-004 Electrostatic Field meter

● Model:  MARK FMX-003/FMX-004
● MOQ:  100 pcs

FMX-003/FMX-004 is a compact electrostatic fieldmeter used for locating and measuring static charges. Its pocket size and three-button operation makes it convenient and easy to use.


Power 9V, 6F22Y manganese battery
Distance 1”±1/64” (25 mm ±0.5 mm); (LEDs guide for correct distance)
Accuracy 20 kV ±10 %
Measurement AUTO: 0 – ±1.49 kV (low range);

±1.0 kV to ±30.0 kV (hi range)       HI Range: 0 – ±30.0 kV

LOW Range: 0 – ±3.00 kV               Ion Balance: 0 – ±300V



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