Diagonal Cutting Pliers MARK-206


Diagonal Cutting Pliers MARK-206

● Model:  MARK-206
● MOQ:  100pcs

Diagonal cutting pliers, also known as side cutters or wire cutters, are hand tools designed for precision cutting of wires, cables, and small components. Their sharp, angled jaws enable a clean and flush cut close to the surface. Diagonal cutting pliers are commonly used in electrical work, electronics, and general-purpose cutting tasks. They come in various sizes and designs, offering versatility for different applications. These pliers are an essential tool for professionals and hobbyists, providing efficiency and accuracy in tasks that require the precise cutting of wires and other materials.


  • The body is made of good quality CR-V, strong and durable.
  • Cutting edges are high frequency induction heated, which ensures good cutting capacity and longer life.
  • Japan style anti-slip grip, comfortable and with good insulation.
  • Glare-eliminating black finish on the head part, having a superior grade appearance.
  • Suitable for electronics industry, electrical repair work, vehicle maintenance, and household work, etc.
  • Specially designed to cut thin lead and components lead.


Material: #55 Steel
Specs 150MM (6″)
Cutting capacity Soft Wire(dia.mm) 1.8mm
Cutting capacity Copper Wire(dia.mm)  2.3mm
Equivalent to Japan Brands KEIBA N-206



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