MARK 305C Serial DC Power Supply


MARK 305C Serial DC Power Supply

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● Model:  MARK 305C Serial
● MOQ:  1 set

A Serial DC Power Supply is a device that provides a continuous and adjustable direct current (DC) electrical output through a serial communication interface. This type of power supply often includes features such as programmable voltage and current settings, remote control capabilities, and the ability to communicate with other devices via serial protocols such as RS-232 or USB. This enables users to control and monitor the power supply remotely, making it a valuable tool in electronics testing, prototyping, and automation applications. The serial interface allows for precise adjustments and data logging, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in various settings.


  • High Stability output, four-digit display
  • Overall output Protection
  • Six Group Data Storage/Output
  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current auto switching
  • Step adjustment, coding switch
  • One-button output switch
  • Output Power Display
  • List control output mode
  • Optional Voltage:110V/220V

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