Combination Pliers MARK-200


Combination Pliers MARK-200

● Model:  MARK-200
● MOQ:  100pcs

Combination pliers are versatile hand tools that serve multiple functions, including gripping, cutting, and bending. With dual jaws, these pliers are ideal for various tasks in electrical work, construction, and general maintenance. The combination of cutting edges, gripping surfaces, and sometimes additional features like crimping zones makes them a go-to tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Their design provides convenience and efficiency, reducing the need to switch between different tools for different tasks. Combination pliers are a must-have in any toolbox for their ability to handle a range of applications with ease.


  •  It can be used for twisting and cutting iron/steel wires, stripping wires, pinching or splitting metal sheet, etc.
  • It has two types of grips: iron grip for general use; insulated grip for hot line job.
  • The applicable objects range from soft copper wires, iron wires to hard wires and cable.
  • It requires less power because of the leavel principle.
  • Its blades can be used to cut the rubber or plastic wire coating, electric wires, iron wires, etc.
  • The dentate month can also be used for cutting hard metal wires.


Material #55 High-carbon Steel
Specs 200MM(8″)
Cutting capacity Soft Wire( 2.0mm
Cutting capacity Copper Wire( 3.2mm
 Equivalent to Japan Brands KEIBA T-108



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