Clean Spiral Notebook


Clean Spiral Notebook

● Model:  MARK W00485
● MOQ:  100 pcs
● Packing details:

By the professional import of KM paper from the binding made, significantly reduce the production of dust, enhanced ink suction
The power of the binding of the binding of the binding hole to reduce the dust to a minimum. Offer all kinds
Size of the clean notebook, record this.

Very low dust removal
2. Good heat resistance, moisture resistance
3. The surface of the anti-static treatment, vacuum packaging
The following are the same as the ”
Test value:
Weight: 72 ± 2G / ㎡
Thickness: 78 ± 5μm
Jitter (≥0.3μm): 5 sheets / sheet
Wipe (≥0.3μm): 2 counts / piece

Tear (≥0.3μm): 8 counts / piece


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