Blue ESD PU Foam Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat


Blue ESD PU Foam Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

● Model:  MARK W00479
● MOQ:  10 Piece

ESD Anti fatigue Mat:

1.ESD Anti Fatigue Mats, also known as ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mats, are made of pu foam material designed

to effectively discharge static build-up from workers, which helps to avoid damage to electrically sensitive projects.

2. ESD Anti Fatigue Mats are a very comfortable static dissipative floor mat for use with sensitive electronics.

3. Workers must also use heel grounders or wear electrically conductive shoes. These 19mm thick floor mats

provide an excellent combination of ESD protection, ergonomic comfort and durability.

4. Perfect for use in manufacturing and commercial areas, electronics service and assembly areas, or anywhere

requiring speedy dissipation of built up static charges from workers.

Product pu foam esd anti-fatigue mat
Size (L x W x T) 900 x 600 x 19mm
Resistivity of surface and bottom 105-109Ω
Material  pu foam mat
Feature can combine into long long pieces
Color black, blue color available
Application: Electronic Assembly, Pharmaceutical, Electronic Technician and Medical Equipment Manufacturing.



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