Black ESD Finger Cots


Black ESD Finger Cots

● Model:  MARK W00085
● MOQ:  20 bags
● Packing details:  20 bags/ctn

Black ESD Finger Cots

– Description:

Anti Static Finger Cots or ESD Finger Cots also known as Pink and Beige.

Anti static finger cots are commonly used in the electronic assembly, photonics, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


P/N#: W00085
Color: Black
Size: M
Package: 1440 pcs/bag;  20 bags/ctn
Carton size: 48 x 25 x 32cm
Gross weight: about 14.5 KG


  1. 100% pure natural latex properties,no plasticizers,not contain antioxidant silicon grease.
  2. Finger protection, no harmness to skin, to avoid leaving fingerprints on the products’ handling.
  3. The main material is latex and the static electricity protection compounds and the antioxidant are added,which could effectively protect the microcircuit and the precision electronic instruments in such a circumstance without covering the whole clamp. Also it could not contain the material sieved gradually and pollute the precise part. The  fingertips have already chloridized which reduces the fixed remnant and other contamination.
  4. Finger Cots are ideal for in small parts handling where a full glove is not required.
  5. Antistatic Finger Cots should be kept in a cool,dry place to prolong shelf life,should avoid direct sunlight.



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