900 Automatic Screw Feeder


900 Automatic Screw Feeder

 (P/N: W00317 )

● Model:  Mark-900
● MOQ:  1pc
● Packing details:  5pcs/ctn

Mark-900 Automatic Screw Feeder Equivalent To Quicher NSB Series Automatic Screw Feeder

Specifications :

Applicable screw size: from M1.0-M3.9

Applicable screw length (under head): up to 20mm

Feature :

Easy to replace the rail to meet the change of screws;

One machine can copy with 8 different sizes of screws just by replacing the rail 8 sizes: from M1.0-M3.0.

The different rails need to be purchased separately.

Supplied with a bit guide, with protection and recovery circuit.


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