Torque Electric Screwdriver (MARK-CR35)

Torque Electric Screwdriver (MARK-CR35)

MARK-CR35 Torque Electric Screwdriver for Light or Medium Duty Work or Maintenance

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Product Details

Product Name MARK CR35 Power Tools Industrial Professional Multi-Accessory Precision Electric

Screw Driver

Input voltage AC100-240V
Rated power 35W
Power Adapter EP860E
Torque range 0.3-2.5n*m
Torque adjustment


Adjustment sleeve adjustment (up becomes larger, down becomes smaller)
Range of rotation 900-1350rpm
Speed adjustment method By turning the knob of the power adapter
Interface GB 3 plug
DC Cable Specifications 3Px0.5mm²x1.8m
Power Cord Specifications 3Px0.5mm²x0.5m
Start method Press the red lever to start, release to stop
Direction switch Third gear (up: reverse; middle: stop; down: forward)
Batch size Compatible with φ5 wind batches (6.35mm hexagon) specification batches
Batch installation Press the locking sleeve, align the card slot into the batch nozzle, release the locking sleeve
Motor 555 motor (flat shaft)
Main feature ·        When the torque reaches the set value, the motor stops rotating, effectively preventing the screw from slipping.

·        Ergonomic handle, comfortable to hold, no fatigue during long-term work.

·        Just touch the start-stop switch, which saves time and effort and improves efficiency.

·        The torque is adjusted sleeplessly from small to large, and the torque is accurate.

·        Three-speed directional switch, easy to remove and fasten screws, convenient and fast.

Electric Screwdriver MARK-CR35 Series Intelligent series Performance:


  1. New intelligent electric screwdriver with counter series is one compact of LED counter and Easy to operate, suitably used on production line and effectively control numbers of fastening screws and operation quality.
  2. Adopt selection mode for the worker is easy to set up complete function according to needs of work and make it automatically to inspect the precision of fastening screws and avoid any
  3. High-performance low-voltage brushless motor is used and produces no dust, low noise and durability, Maintenance is not
  4. Non-contact switch is used to provide a durable life in which there is no necessity to replace the item
  5. Ergonomic size, high temperature durable, weak vibration, good grip, new appearance, light weight, easy to operate for a long time without fatigue, improve
  6. High precision of the torque, with step-less torque adjustment, simple operation, it can be generally used for electrical and electronic lightening products, home appliances, toys, computer/ phone/ watches accessories and other processing and assembling


 Long life span, free maintenance, no interference, low noise, low temperature rising, environmental friendly and energy

  1. Adopt high performance, powerful, DC motor with carbon brush. Passed 10 million times safety test, precision torsion, sturdy and durable.
  2. Torsion signal output (Signal output stop when reach the default torsion value, the screw driver stop automatically, protect the product from damaging, no screw to be
  3. Suitable for hand operation, especially for production assembly
  4. Mainly used for 3C, 4C products, such as computers, communication products, network products, white digital appliance, auto electronics
  5. Obedience to Taiwan excellent manufacturing technology, quality assurance, precision industrial fastening
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