Soldering Station with power supply (MARK-942 75W)

Soldering Station with power supply (MARK-942 75W)

Input voltage AC220V
Rated power 75W
Output voltage AC26V+11V
Maximum instantaneous power ≤120W
Standby power ≤6W
Temperature Range 200-480ºC, digital display, button adjustment
Heating time Normal temperature rises to 350ºC<45 seconds
Temperature stable value ±5ºC
Temperature deviation ±10ºC ±99ºC Extra wide range correction value
Soldering iron tip to ground potential <2mV
Soldering tip resistance to ground <2Ω
Power cord specification 3Px0.5mm²x1.6m Product suffix
Handle wire specification 5 cores outer silicone inner material, length 1.2 meters
Soldering station handle 8-pin special plug TGK-917
Heating core A1321 imported ceramic heating core
Soldering iron tip MARK-900M series (standard MARK-900M-B)
Transformer Pure copper transformer 75W high power
Circuit structure Intelligent digital display numerical control integrated circuit
Main features ·        Digital display, accurate display, easy to read.

·        Fault self-checking Heater damage LED screen display prompt.

·        Temperature locks function Smart card temperature adjustment.

·        Pure copper transformer, sufficient power, fast heating, and temperature compensation < 2 seconds.

·        Low temperature alarm function Sleep Function.

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