B-A6 High-Precision Multi-functional Dispensing Controller


B-A6 High-Precision Multi-functional Dispensing Controller

● Model: MARK  B-A6
● MOQ:  10 pcs
● Packing details:  8pcs/ctn

Technical Data:

→ Power consumption: 12W

→ Air source: Max 0.99 Mpa    Pressure setting: 0.05-0.99 Mpa

→ Control mode: Manual / 16 freely set modes

→ Time setting: 0.01-99.99s、0.001-9.999s

→ Dispensing time display: 4-digit LED display

→ Dispensing interval adjustment: 0.1-9.9s

→ Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.01%    Dispensing frequency: > 1000/min

→ Min. dispensing volume: 0.0001 ml

→ Dimension: 235mm x 225mm x 63mm      Weight: 3 Kg


→ Materials for dispensing:

solder tin, tin paste, UV adhesive, lubricant, epoxy resin,

fast cure adhesive, silicone resin, etc.

→ Usage: adhering, fixing, dot coating, line coating, etc.


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